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Tamaki x Haruhi

Moonchild10's TamaHaru fanfics

TamaHaru <3
5 October
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all of the stories on this journal are the intellectual property of moonchild10 and are protected by copyright. Please do not claim or repost anything found here.
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Tamaki x Haruhi
about melinks

So, welcome to sugarysky, an archive of Tamaki x Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) fanfiction! Feel free to run around and browse through the fics. Comments are love! If you comment on one of my fics, chances are I'll be so overwhelmingly happy that I'll explode...

So, this journal is the "portfolio" of one fangirl's TamaHaru 'shippiness. I love this couple, as well as the characters individually. I'll always do my best to keep them in-character while still maintaining a healthy level of fluff. If you have a qualm with something I've written or have a way I can improve, don't hesitate to let me know; I'll be kind of you regardless of what you say.

Make sure to let me know about your own TamaHaru fics so I can link to them in the recs post! You can send a comment to moonchild10

At the moment, I'm always open for one-shot fic requests! If you have a particular fic you want written that you haven't been able to find anywhere, just message me or leave a comment on one of the entries, and I'll have it done for you as fast as I can.

I have MANY accounts, so chances are if you see one of my fics floating around posted by moonchild10, thiswaytoheaven or cupcaketime (or tatteredmemory on Deviantart), chances are it's me. If you see one reposted by anyone else, please let me know!

This may be a Tamaki x Haruhi journal, but please note that I support ALL Ouran pairings, and obsessively fangirl over most of them! I promise I'll never discriminate against your pairing of choice... if you don't against mine! X3 Feel free to go to the request post of pink_meringue's journal if you'd like to request a fic that's not TamaHaru from me!


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"Your source for Tamaki x Haruhi fics from Ouran High School Host Club! All writing belongs to Moonchild10/Cupcaketime"